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Automobile engineering mcq pdf
This Automobile engineering mcq pdf is very important compilation of multiple choice questions which are very helpfull for various competetive examinations point of view like SSC JE, Railway JE, State PSc, Motor vehicle Inspector examinations and much more.

Why Automobile engineering mcq pdf is important ?

Answers: While preparing this pdf, a large amount of question papers have been analysed and we found that many questions from automobile side have been asked in SSC JE, Railway JE, and most importantly many questions have been asked in State Public Service commission like HPPSc, UPPSC, MPPSC, MVI and in many other examinations. So we decided to prepare the pdf and serve it to the students who are preparing for related examinations. This pdf contains more than 600 mcq which will definetly be asked in any JE level examinations.

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 Types of Automobile 
 Vehicle construction and Components. 
 Resistances to vehicle motion. 
 Components and Nomenclature 
 Engine support systems 
 Cooling system. 
 Lubrication System. 
 Introduction of Ignition System 
 Fuel Injection system for SI engines.
 Carburetion and Carburetor. 
 The Simple Carburetor 
 Types of Carburetors. 
 Fuel Injection system for C I engines. 
 Electronic Diesel Control. 
 Components in Diesel Supply System. 
 Fuel Injector: 
 Introduction of Ignition System
 CRDI – Common rail fuel injection system. 
 Catalytic converter. 
 Transmission Systems in Automobile. 
 Single Clutch Plate. 
 Multi-plate Clutch. 
 Cone Clutch. 
 Dog & Sp line Clutch. 
 Centrifugal Clutch. 
 Electromagnetic Clutch. 
 Gear Box. 
 Sliding Mesh Gear Box. 
 Constant Mesh Gear Box. 
 Synchromesh Gear Box. 
 U- Joint. 
 The Drive Shaft. 
 Differential Unit. 
  Automatic Transmission. 
 Semi Automatic Transmission. 
 Hotchkiss drive. 
 Torque tube Drive 
 Introduction of steering system.
 Ackermann steering geometry. 
 Steering Gear Boxes. 
 Power steering. 
 Suspension system. 
 Braking System. 
 Anti-lock braking system (ABS). 
 Hydraulic braking system. 
 Pneumatic braking system. 
 Loss of Traction. 
 Natural Gas as a Fuel in Automobile. 
 Liquefied petroleum gas as a Fuel in Automobile. 
 Bio diesel as a Fuel in Automobile. 
 Hybrid electric vehicle. 
 Fuel Cell. 


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