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Q1. Which of the following is the purpose of a research proposal?

(a) Guide for conducting study

(b) Saves money of the funding agency

(c) Prevents evaluation by others in doing study

(d) helps in solving problems after conclusion of data analysis


Ans: (a) Guide for conducting study


Q2. A good research proposal will always

(a) Focus on addressing the research objectives

(b) Focus on specific style of writing references

(c) Consider all possible research that had previously been done on the topic

(d) Provide researcher4s names and address


Ans: (a) Focus on addressing the research objectives


Q3. Which scientific method focuses on testing hypotheses developed from theories?

(a) Deductive method

(b) Inductive method

(c) Hypothesis method

(d) Pattern method


Ans: (a) Deductive method


Q4. Likert scale is:

(a) Ordinal scale

(b) Normal scale

(c) Variance scale

(d) Categorical scale


Ans: (a) Ordinal scale


Q5. Which of the following describes what a problem is?

(a) Usually a question that needs to be answered

(b) The aim of the study

(c) Direction and form of the study

(d) Predictor of relationship between two or more variable


Ans: (a) Usually a question that needs to be answered


Q6. PICO means……

(a) Population, intervention, comparison, outcome

(b) Prevalence, incidence, cohort, observation

(c) Polio, influenza, chickenpox, ovulation

(d) Patient, injection, catheterization, operation


Ans: (a) Population, intervention, comparison, outcome


Q7. Discrepancy between what is known and what ought to be known is described as

(a) Research results

(b) Research phenomenon

(c) Research objective

(d) Research problem


Ans: (d) Research problem


Q8. Which of the following is true?

(a) Problem statement is why study is being done

(b) Research purpose is what will be examined in the study

(c) Research questions provide greater focus to research

(d) Research feasibility ignores the money aspect


Ans: (c) Research questions provide greater focus to research


Q9. The initial and one of the most significant steps in conducting the research process is:

(a) Defining the research variables

(b) Identifying the research problem

(c) Stating the research purpose

(d) Determining the feasibility of the study


Ans: (b) Identifying the research problem


Q10. Which of the following is not the element of a research statement?

(a) Research design

(b) Research instrument

(c) Population

(d) Setting


Ans: (b) Research instrument




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