Fundamentals of Nursing MCQ

More than 800 multiple choice question of Fundamentals of nursing including the topics Introduction, Nursing in India,Nursing theories, Code of Ethics for Nurses, Nursing Process, Comfort devices, vital Signs, personal hygiene, Specimen collection, health Assessment, preparation of client”s environment, medical and surgical Asepsis, types of nursing modalities, Suture, nurses Role in important procedures, Basic and Advance Life Support, Acid-Base Balance, Fluid and Electrolyte, drug administration, Cold Application, Hot Application, various positioins and other moch more topics in single plateform.


Community Health Nursin MCQ

Free more than 800 MCQ for practce & important for various exams.


Medical & Surgical Nursing MCQ

Practice more than 2200 MCQ important for various exams.

Psychiatric Nursing MCQ

More than 750+ MCQs for practice free

Pharmacology MCQ

Here you can practice more than 350 MCQ important for various competetive exams.


Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing MCQ

Important MCQs more than 1100

Pediatric Nursing MCQ

More than 800 objective type questions


Anatomy and Physiology MCQ

More than 700 multiple choice questions for competitive exams, interviews and practicing before getting into the exam hall.


Other Nursing Subjects

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