Environment Engineering -II ( Sewerage treatment and disposal and air and Water pollution and control ), contains MCQ from Question 1 to 20.

Q1. The shape of a sewer suitable to carry combined flow is

(a) circular

(b) elliptical

(c) horse-shoe shaped

(d) egg shaped.


Ans: (d) egg shaped. 

Q2. The colour of fresh sewage is

(a) blue

(b) green

(c) pink

(d) grey


Ans: (d) grey 

Q3. The colour of septic sewage is

(a) black 

(b) green

(c) grey

(d) blue


Ans: (d) blue 

Q4. Stoneware pipes are used for the house drainage system mainly because

(a) they are strongest

(b) they are cheapest

(c) their interior surface is smooth and impervious

(d) their life is 100 years


Ans: (c) their interior surface is smooth and impervious 

Q5. The minimum diameter of sewer pipe is

(a) 1 cm

(c) 10 cm

(b) 5 cm

(d) 15 cm


Ans: (d) 15 cm 

Q6. Water carriage system is preferred to dry system because

(a) sewage is carried in covered conduits without having any nuisance value

(b) treatment is given to sewage prior to its final disposal thus reducing chances of outbreak of epidemic

(c) there is no dearth of water

(d) (a) and (b) above are correct


Ans: (d) (a) and (b) above are correct 

Q7. In a combined sewer when only the industrial or sanitary sewage are flowing, then it is termed as

(a) storm water flow

(b) industrial flow

(c) ordinary flow

(d) dry weather flow


Ans:  (d) dry weather flow

Q8. In a combined system, the same sewer is intended to carry both

(a) domestic sewage and industrial wastes

(b) domestic sewage and storm water flow

(c) industrial waste and storm water flow

(d) dry weather flow and storm water flow


Ans:  (d) dry weather flow and storm water flow

Q9. The wash water from stables which contains animal

(a) barn sludge wastes is called

(b) animal sludge

(c) live sludge

(d) horse sludge


Ans:  (a) barn sludge wastes is called

Q10. Partly or completely treated sewage flowing out of a sewage treatment tank, is called

(a) treated sewage

(b) sewage water

(c) discharged sewage

(d) effluent


Ans:  (d) effluent

Q11. A fresh sewage becomes stale in

(a) 1 hour

(b) 3 hours

(c) 6-8 hours

(d) 24-36 hours


Ans: (c) 6-8 hours 

Q12. Waste water is said to be septic when

(a) it is known to contain disease producing bacteria

(b) it is undergoing decomposition

(c) it kills fish and plant life in streams receiving it

(d) the chief form of bacterial action in it is of the anaerobic type


Ans: (d) the chief form of bacterial action in it is of the anaerobic type 

Q13. Hydraulically for dry weather flow, the best section is

(a) circular

(b) V-shaped with circular invert

(c) rectangular shaped

(d) oval shaped


Ans: (b) V-shaped with circular invert 

Q14. The opening constructed on sewers or drains in order to enable men enter or leave the sewers is called

(a) lamp hole

(b) manhole

(c) inspection chamber

(d) street inlet


Ans:  (b) manhole

Q15. Manholes on sewer lines are provided for

(a) periodic cleaning

(b) providing air for oxidation

(c) removal of part of sewerage

(d) all of the above


Ans:  (a) periodic cleaning

Q16. A manhole is generally provided at each

(a) bend

(b) junction and change of sewer dia

(c) change of gradient

(d) all of the above


Ans: (d) all of the above 

Q17. The minimum diameter of working chamber of a circular man hole should be

(a) 0.5 m 

(b) 0.9 m

(c) 1.2 m

(d) 2 m


Ans: (c) 1.2 m 

Q18. The inlet with a basin which makes grit, sand or debris to settle and thus prevents it from entering into the sewer is called

(a) manhole

(b) catch basin

(c) street inlet

(d) inspection hole


Ans:  (b) catch basin

Q19. A manhole of such depth that an access shaft is required in addition to the working chamber is called

(a) tube manhole

(b) deep manhole

(c) well manhole

(d) earth manhole


Ans: (b) deep manhole 

Q20. A manhole incorporating a vertical shaft or pipe in which sewage falls from a sewer at a higher level to a sewer at a lower level is called

(a) deep manhole 

(b) bottom manhole

(c) pit manhole

(d) drop manhole


Ans:  (d) drop manhole